The Grubby Hen

18th February 2012

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Rach and I am the author of The Grubby Hen.

I’m not an experienced cook. Not even close. It’s Feb 2012, I’m only just 26 and I moved out of home in 2009 and miss my mum’s cooking a lot, (but always manage to scrounge a Sunday roast each week).  I’m just someone who loves good food and I like to think I have a creative side. The Grubby Hen is my first serious foray into the world of blogging in an attempt to fuse together this love of good grub and my possibly made-up creativity. It’ll be an adventure of learning new skills and having a lot of fun on the way.

Thing is, I tend to day dream. A lot. Some days it’ll be a tropical island, some days it’ll be Johnny Depp and others it’ll be a cheesecake.  In fact, at the moment my mind can often be found leaning against wedding cakes, canapes and buffet selections. On the 15th September 2012 I hope to be married and along with developing an unhealthy obsession with bunting and doilies (we’re going the vintage tea party route), this hen needs to work out what grub people will chow down on at the reception because so far it’s a pile of fish finger sarnies and a mountain of potato wedges. Classy all the way.

So this is where The Grubby Hen comes in (and how the name came to exist), serving as a shared journal and collection of all my grubby daydreams (NOT THOSE ONES! Mr. Depp is all mine thankyouverymuch). I’ll rephrase that. My thoughts on food, drink and everything in between. Sharing recipes I’ve thought up (and attempted to cook), reviews of restaurants I’ve experienced and any treasures I’ve found along the way.


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