When is a pub not a pub? & The Bugle Inn Review

When is a pub not a pub? It’s a question I pose after a rather strange incident that happened this past weekend, in fact it was quite literally a rude awakening and I’ve since pondered what it means for a place to be a pub; a public house; a place where one can drink ale (or whatever is your poison) in comfortable surroundings much like, say, a living room. In fact, this is how pubs came to exist (after the Romans had buggered off), people would open up their homes/small, dark rooms to their community/fellow village folk and travelers to enjoy a home brew. Or six.

We enjoy socialising, eating, drinking and watching T.V in the comfort of our own homes, but every so often in the comfort of the local pub or a pub we’ve stumbled upon on our travels. They may welcome us, take our money, feed/water us and let us watch the big screen T.V but when we fall asleep (as we often do at home), they kick us out. At least, that was the case at The Bugle Inn, Brighton.

Yup, The Bugle Inn, a small Irish pub nestled among houses, set back from the main road in an area just outside the city center. As a patron you are encouraged to drink the local ale (they don’t sell coffee), and sit and watch the sport on the two big screens, but they don’t like it very much if you have the audacity to fall asleep in their pub; when a member of our group dozed off they made it quite clear that there was no room at their inn. This might have been avoided if they sold coffee.

Now is this normal behavior? Or was something else at play? We were quiet; we weren’t causing a scene and we weren’t about to throw up, but as soon as a patron got sleepy the tolerance level of the pub was equal to zero and they got very rude about it all.

So when is a pub not a pub? Well, when it is hostile; when it is The Bugle Inn, Brighton.

The Bugle Inn, Brighton

Charm Factor: 2/5

Drink: 3/5

Food: Not served

Service: 0/5

A small pub with dark, dingy rooms. Good for beer/lager drinkers but does not sell hot drinks or indeed, food. Appalling service from the bar staff and terrible atmosphere. Not one for families or anyone who wants an enjoyable drink.


4 thoughts on “When is a pub not a pub? & The Bugle Inn Review

  1. The Bugle is a wonderful establishment. To my knowledge it doesn’t promote the sale of coffee or the availability of sleeping quarters

    • The staff were incredibly rude. They weren’t friendly at all, not in the slightest. They may have been having an ‘off day’ but you cannot have those kinds of days when running a pub, manners don’t cost a thing, especially when people have chosen to spend money in a particular establishment. If anyone is wanting to spend money on good beer, in a welcoming, friendly pub, then The Craft Beer Co. is a great choice, as is The Evening Star, home of Dark Star Brewery

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