Top Notch Chocolate Pots

Things to make you go mmm…mmm!

Silky, smooth and creamy chocolate pots with a cheeky splash of Drambuie and a layer of crushed pistachios. Ridiculously indulgent yet simple; quicker than Usain Bolt on a high speed train and easier than your 2x tables. They are perfect for wowing dinner party guests and  are made to set overnight so spreads the dinner party work load too! The ideal, luxury dessert is here. Resistance is futile…

You will need;

70g Maple Syrup

200g Dark Chocolate (@85% )

380ml Double Cream

2 free range egg yolks

150 ml Milk

200ml Drambuie (optional)

200g Pistachios

(Makes 6 in standard sized ramekins)


Break your chocolate into small chunks (don’t eat any just yet) and set aside in a large bowl

In a saucepan, slowly bring the cream to boil (gently does it) then pour over the bowl of chocolate and stir until well mixed and smooth

In a separate bowl combine the eggs, milk and maple syrup mix well

Pour the eggy/milky/syrupy mix in to the chocolate cream mix and combine (looking good, right?!)

Add the Drambuie to taste. I’ve said 200ml but you may want to add a splash more depending on your tastes, although keep in mind that the flavour will be stronger when the mix is chilled and set.

Now sieve the whole mixture to make sure it’s as silky smooth as can be!

Chop your nuts and place into ramekins (layer about 1cm thick)

Pour the chocolate mixture into the ramekins and place in the fridge to chill and set overnight

Decorate and serve

See, told you resistance was futile…


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