Review; WJ King Brewery Tour

Say the words ‘Brewery Tour’ and i’m there. Say the words ‘Local Brewery Tour’ and i’m there faster than The Flash can blink; so when some friends invited me to join them on a group tour of  my local micro brewery, I couldn’t resist. Knowing the local brew and having been on other brewery tours, I thought I knew what to expect; a brief history of the brewery, the malt they use and a quick run through the process before quaffing a sample, but what I got completely obliterated and exceeded my expectations.

The brewery is one WJ King, formerly that of Mr. King from the now long gone King & Barnes of Horsham.  The brewery is  as one would expect of a micro brewery, tiny; on one level, nestled among an industrial estate next to the railway. Like all good treasures it’s not an obvious find. What the small brewery lacks in size though, it makes up for in quality and enthusiasm which is instilled not only in the beer but in anyone who takes an interest.

The tours start at 11 am, when you are greeted with a warm and friendly welcome and a pint to start the day as it will go on. Over the 3 hours you are taken through the history of the brewery, the history of beer and brewing, the process, the science behind it, the malts, hops and yeast (all with samples) and all with a pint in one hand (and that pint glass will never be empty all the time you’re there). They even provide you with lunch, laying out a spread of freshly made baguettes to soak up the ale. All this for just a tenner. Quite frankly, it’d be rude not to go!

I know I enjoyed it!


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