Sunny side up; The Sunshine Award


Two sunshine awards were passed to me this week, one from the delightful Burlesque Baker and one from the  equally delightful Tin Man; Thanks guys!

These little awards are great because they point people in the direction of blogs that may otherwise go under the radar. It also shows that blogs as little and as new as mine, are being read, acknowledged and considered by fellow bloggers and that then  helps to strengthen the community within blogging. Good stuff!

There is one condition to being passed this award though and that’s to answer ten questions (so you can get to know me a little better) and then to pass this sunshine on to other bloggers, so here goes;

What is your favorite colour?

At the moment I have a thing for ‘Wedgewood’ blue

What is your favorite animal? 

I love pugs, sausage dogs, hairless cats and little bats, but my favourite animal has to be my dear little companion Pepper, my Chinese dwarf hamster. She’s an old lady now and has been through the mill this past week which resulted in her having a bald patch!

What is your favorite number?

3; it’s magic

What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? 

A typical Brit; I love tea

Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook. I don’t really understand Twitter. Although, i’d much rather people went back to sending hand written notes and letters

What is your passion?

I have too many to choose one! I’m very passionate about film, art, music and cooking but if I have to choose something to put above all else i’ll have to go with nature and The Earth.

Do you prefer getting or giving presents?

Giving! Finding something that you know is perfect for somebody is a great feeling, but then being the recipient of said perfect gift is also very nice 😉

What is your favorite pattern?

I’m in love with 50’s floral at the moment

What is your favorite day of the week?

Friday, the eve of the weekend

What is your favorite flower?

A classic old English Rose

A Shropshire Lad

I’d like to pass this to the following blogs;

Jack’s Music Mondays

The Culinarian Guild

Subliminal Aesthetic

The Vegetable Blog


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