Mild Ale and Morris Dancing

Kings launch Royal Mild and I launch into Morris dancing. Yep, this was the course of the early afternoon last Bank Holiday weekend, where the ever brilliant WJ King brewery put on a knees up to celebrate their new ale; Kings Royal Mild (3.6%)

It’s a light beer in taste, as the name suggests, but it’s dark in colour and balances the right amount of bitterness with fruity sweetness and hints of toffee aromas. Smooth, crisp and perfect for spring drinking. It pairs well with a mild cheddar cheese.

The day was grey and the rain made an appearance but nothing could dampen the spirits of all who attended the launch, especially the morris dancers who encouraged some audience participation! They say you should try everything once (I think that should include morris dancing), so after only half a pint I was learning the moves and dosey-doeing my way around the yard…

(that’s me in the black jacket, jeans and blue hood)

It’s thirsty work, morris dancing, but there was plenty of quality ale around to quench that thirst! So congratulations to Kings for another wonderful event and a cracking new ale; Cheers!

(Thanks to Leanne & Ian for the photos and the video)


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