Nan’s Lemon Jelly Cheescake

I’m addicted to cheesecake, as you may well have started to work out for yourselves, the more I add to the grubby hen, the more the humble cheesecake will make an appearance and I think the root of this addiction is this little lemon jelly cheesecake.

It’s a recipe my dear Nan always rolled out for family gatherings and high tea and it was always a winner, something to look forward to and something that never lasted very long, much like the one I tried to photograph for this post, I managed to get the last slice! (thanks go to Mother Hen for baking it)

All I know about the recipe is that it’s printed on an old card. I’ve no idea where this card came from or how old it is, I just know that if you follow it’s instructions you will be rewarded!

You will need;







Just make sure you get a slice!


6 thoughts on “Nan’s Lemon Jelly Cheescake

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