Review; The Craft Beer Co. Brighton

When I was told that the new Craft Beer Co. pub in Brighton stocked over 30 real ales well, I didn’t need any persuading to go along and have a drink. Having never been to a Craft Beer pub before, I didn’t really know what to expect (apart from lots of amazing beer), but walking in I immediately felt at ease in their bright and welcoming pub.

Taking a quick look around I noticed a  range of drinkers; couples, older gents propping up the bar and  young, trendy folk. The pub definitely appeals to all crowds and all crowds seemed to be very relaxed (who wouldn’t be among all that ale?) and I instantly felt at home and settled in to choosing my first brew.

I was told that I could ‘try before you buy’, so I did. Loving dark ales and tattoos, I was drawn to and finally chose a draught stout;  ‘Camden Ink’ by the Camden Town Brewery, 4.4% abv and the best black beer on the block. It’s a complex stout with the recognized chocolate and coffee flavours but with a light, fruity edge too. Perfection.

The beer selection is vast, incorporating every ale type from hoppy and light to creamy and rich (some stouts so chocolatey that you have to check that you’re not drinking a shake) and beyond to the bottled Black Tokyo Horizon (16% abv), Brewdog’s collaboration beer incorporating their own Black stout, Mikkeller’s Dark Horizon and Tokyo from Nogne O. This beer alone will take you on a journey through every complex aroma and flavour found in the ale spectrum in just one sip.

If you need help choosing, the friendly bar staff are ready to share their knowledge and these guys n gals know about beer! In fact, their passion and enthusiasm is both refreshing and contagious.

Even though I recommend, nay, urge every serious beer drinker to make the journey it’s not just a pub for beer enthusiasts as there is a healthy range of other top quality drink available too, including a fine selection of whiskey and even though they don’t have a food menu as such, there are a few fresh snacks on offer including pork pies, scotch eggs and cheese board selections.

I fell in love with this pub. The Black Tokyo Horizon may have helped a little, but I didn’t want to leave.


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