Moths, Mould and Weddings

Moths, mould and weddings?! What on earth is this hen on about?! She’s lost the plot. Well I haven’t lost the plot but i have lost my sofa, my curtains and my carpet! Moths. The pesky little buggers decided that they liked my little hen house so much that they’d move in and breed. I was not best pleased.

The summer here in the UK has been very wet and humid and so perfect for bugs and damp in homes. Not perfect for this hen though, especially when I’m trying to organise my wedding which is in less than 2 months now!

All these extra going’s on could’ve left me super stressed and running around like a headless hen but i’ve stayed pretty calm and carried on and i’m pretty much looking on the bright side of things. My home looks as though a bomb has hit it and i’ve no soft furnishings left but that just means it’s time for a change. So, despite the upheaval, i’m pretty damn happy right now; life is good! I just haven’t had time, or any kitchen space to cook and update the blog or check in much with your blogs, but normality shall resume very soon!

This week has seen some summer sunshine and i’ve had some inspiration on the recipe front, so watch this space chickies and stay pest free!


5 thoughts on “Moths, Mould and Weddings

  1. HATE MOTHS, especially the fabric-eating kind! I had some in London that ate half of the wool carpeting in my closet, and a few really nice pieces of clothing. Bastards. I’m glad it’s getting you some new furniture! 🙂

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