Bloody Sunday Brunch – Black Pudding


Come back! Don’t turn away in disgust. I used to run at the mention of black pudding and in doing so missed out on the joys of the bloody stuff for years. I decided to open my mind and try it a couple of years back and so, along with coffee and blue cheese, i’m now a convert and addicted to the stuff.

I can see why some people are put off by the idea of a blood sausage but there are many merits to eating it, besides, vampires and zombies are all the rage these days and you wouldn’t see them turning their undead noses up at a blood sausage. Wait, someone’s missing out on some great marketing there…

On a more serious note, the benefits of black pudding are;

*It’s packed with iron (being blood and all) so perfect for anyone who’s anaemic or fatigued

*It’s also made with oats and cereals which help with that ‘fuller for longer’ feeling

*It helps to ensure that a by product of meat production doesn’t go to waste

*It’s cheap

*It’s quick and easy to cook

It’s traditional outing is at breakfast but it’s so versatile that chefs and cooks are using it for everything these days. I think  it makes an ideal Sunday brunch;



(for one) You will need;

1 Slice of Black Pudding

1 English Muffin

1 Free Range Egg

a handful of baby spinach

1 clove of garlic

1 tsp whole grain mustard

Pinch of cayenne

To cook the black pudding heat a knob of butter and a clove of crushed garlic in a frying pan and once the butter has melted add the black pudding and fry on a medium heat for 8 minutes, turning occasionally.

If you’re frying your egg you can probably do this in the same pan as the black pudding but I went for the poached option.

When toasting your muffin, keep it whole and then break in to two halves afterwards, this helps to keep it fluffy

When your black pudding has cooked, remove from the pan, add a teaspoon of whole grain mustard and a handful of baby spinach until it has wilted a little, mix in to the mustard, season and remove from pan

Pile up your muffin, spinach, black pudding and top with your egg and a pinch of cayenne

Serve up with a pot of coffee, the daily newspapers and some morning sunshine!



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