The Grubby Hen is Back

It’s the beginning of November and i’ve realised that i’ve been neglecting my little space here at The Grubby Hen. Back in September things got manic; I got married!

That’s me with the Grubby Rooster and Mother Hen, also my Dad and Brother. It was an amazing day filled with all sorts of great memories and the food was excellent!  We started with a vintage styled afternoon tea;

Followed by a buffet in the evening;

…as ladylike as ever….but the icing on the cake was actually the icing on the cakes, our wedding cake baked and decorated by Mother Hen;

I was then whisked away on honeymoon (to Bruges and Vienna) and it’s taken me awhile to settle back into the routine of cooking and blogging, which is sillyness really because  i was very inspired whilst in Europe. The Flemish beef stews, the cakes and pastries, the chocolate, the cheese, the beer, the viennese black pudding (although, less salt please Vienna!), it was all delicious!

I’ve been getting back into the swing of things in the past couple of weeks and i’ve been experimenting with various recipes, tinkering with them to get them just right, including Steak ‘n Stout Stew, Welsh Rarebit, Banana and Coffee Breakfast Loaf Cake and a Venison Steak recipe. All shall be revealed in good time…




4 thoughts on “The Grubby Hen is Back

  1. First and Foremost………..CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! You are a most beautiful Bride and I LOVE your cake………..and LOVE LOVE LOVE your Mother’s hat!!!! Then you go off to two of my fav cities…..exp Vienna!!! I am so very happy for you! Now hurry and post that recipe for Welsh Rarbit………one of my favorite childhood memories and I want to see your special twist to it. Congrats again……..always, always celebrate life!

    • Oh Tin Man, THANK YOU! Your kind words always make me smile 😀 Bruges was so charming and romantic and Vienna was breathtaking! So opulent! You’re in muck, Welsh Rarebit will be one of the first to get posted, keep your eyes peeled over the next day or two 😉

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