Welsh Rarebit

Often overlooked as just being ‘posh cheese on toast’, one bite of this classic will tell you that it is so much more than that. Everyone has their own way of making it, most use Cheddar, some add an egg and other favour cider over ale but every recipe results in a gooey, rich dish with a depth of flavour that you’ll never get from standard cheese on toast (no matter how much Worcestershire sauce you add). This is not posh cheese on toast. It’s a humble little luxury and possibly the ultimate in comfort food.


Serves 2

You Will Need;

4 slices good quality bread (the harder the crust, the better it’ll hold together)

75g Lancashire Cheese

20g Butter

2 tbsp Flour (plain)

1 tbsp Whole Grain Mustard

70ml Beer (Stout or Dark Ale)

          * I used a local ale by WJ King called ‘Old Smokey’*

Worcestershire sauce

The method;

Start with the bread and lightly toast each slice and then set aside

Grate your cheese

Heat the the butter with the flour and mustard and combine until butter has melted

Add the beer and stir in, then take off the heat and stir in the grated cheese

Put the toast on a baking tray and spoon on  the cheese mixture

Add a couple of drops of Worcestershire sauce to each slice and then grill until bubbling and gooey

Tip; Don’t like bread? It’s also great on slices of fried black pudding






7 thoughts on “Welsh Rarebit

  1. Hi there, just wondering if we could have permission to use your recipe on our website? We would give you full credit of course and a link back to your site etc?



    • That is most excellent! Big thumbs up to that Tea Room! I made a Stilton and Port rarebit last night, it needs a little tweaking, but would make a yummy Christmas treat 😉 I’m very happy that you like Welsh Rarebit 😀

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