Seasonal Spotlight; Munchkins

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Halloween may be a distant memory, yet the season for pumpkins is very much in full swing. They may be perfect for carving, hacking and sticking a flame in, they’re also high on the health benefits list:

*Forget carrots, if you want to see in the dark, eat pumpkins, they’re rich in Vitamin A.

*Fibre, baby! For that fuller for longer feeling

*Beneficial for skin (thank the carotenoids)

*More potassium than you can shake a banana at; it’s a natural energy source

*Got a cold? Eat pumpkin soup. It’s high in Vitamin C

And they taste GREAT! Especially the mini pumpkins,  ‘Munchkins’  if you will.

Stuff ’em. Stick ’em in the oven and drool over their baked, soft, nutty sweetness! They’re perfect for a quick, simple supper. They can be stuffed with almost anything, so they make an ideal vessel for anything that needs using up. I had a few pistachios knocking around, half a round of goats cheese, some leftover red onion, some cream and a sprig of rosemary that had looked better at the start of the week but this is what these leftovers and odds ‘n sods looked like when i’d finished;


Taste the gooey goodness!

I toasted the pistachios first , then set aside

I sliced off the top of the munchkin to create a hat

Then scooped out the inside, saving the seeds for toasting later

Softened the onion in a pan with olive oil

Then layered up the goats cheese, the onion and the pisctachios inside the hollowed munchkin

Topped up with cream

Added a sprig of rosemary, put the hat back on and drizzled with olive oil

Baked in a pre heated oven at 200C for 30 minutes


A tasty, simple, seasonal supper


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