I [heart] Horsham

American rock band Staind once sang ‘It’s Been a While’, (yep, i’m of that generation) and as this blasts out through my earphones I realise that it has been a while since I updated this site. It’s not through lack of wanting to but more down to not knowing what to write about, not having anything to say (many would put Staind in the same boat).

Giving it some more thought I come to realise that I haven’t written about my hometown, Horsham, and given that I’m all about ‘Local’ it seems a shame not to share this place I call home with the rest of the world, especially since it’s become a destination within the county for foodies (and social gatherers).

In fact, some people around these parts see it as a bit of a joke that nearly every time a shop premises becomes empty it’s replaced by ‘yet another coffee shop/restaurant/cafe’. I think it’s a good thing- it brings people into the town, it creates a great atmosphere (especially with the outside dining) and it’s brilliant on a social level.

So what about the grub? Is it any good? Yes. Mostly. As with every town there’s the ‘fair’ share of chains (think Costa, Giraffe, Wagamama and just about every Italian restaurant possible), but there’s also a healthy and growing amount of independent restaurants, coffee shops and cafe’s too, as well as the local produce market (handy thing to have for a historic market town), delicatessens, brewers, pubs and farm shops. They’re all doing a sterling job, creating some truly great grub, the local produce market in particular has proven a real success, recently growing to be one of the largest in the region.

Over the next few weeks I shall dedicate a blog post to each of my Top 5 in what I believe to be Great Horsham Grub. It’ll include the best cooked breakfast in the area, the best steak sarnie and some great goulash.

I’ll also compile a list of local producers and suppliers and have this as a permanent page on the site with links to contact details.  Plus, more reviews, of everything ‘Foodie’ in the district.

In the meantime, for a bit more on the town check out Visit Horsham



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