Great Horsham Grub: DJ’s Spot, Goulash

Big Nibble 2013 (6)

Local Produce Market in Horsham

The Grubby Hen is all about ethical eating and for me this includes supporting the local, independent traders using the best ingredients to produce truly great grub.

This is the first in a series of posts promoting what are, in my humble opinion, the gems that are to be found in my hometown of Horsham, West Sussex. These are great eats that I love and want people to know about, so step away from the sub, put down that packet pasty and sample Horsham’s very best independent eats.

Great Horsham Grub- No.1


Tender local beef

The Great Grub: Goulash with sour cream and bread

The Place: DJs Spot, (a.k.a Denisa Lehocka and James Colacicco) Horsham Local Produce Market every Thursday and Saturday

The Reason: It’s a pot of peppery paprika broth with soft chunks of potato and local, free range beef, that’s so tender it melts in your mouth. There’s nothing else quite like it in the town. They don’t skimp on the portions either, every pot is filled to the brim and there’s always plenty of chunks of the beef, plus a spoonful of sour cream to cool the spicy kick if you need it and a thick slice of fresh bread to mop up the broth.

The Price: £5 (and it’s a lot of flavour for a fiver)

Also Try:  Their Klobasa sausages

Links: DJs Spot website email,

My half eaten pot of goulash!

My half eaten pot of goulash!

DJs Spot in the market

DJs Spot in the market


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