Grubby Thoughts: Foraging.

Foraging; it’s not just for squirrels, you too can go out and gather your nuts (seasonal innuendo anyone?). Cobnuts are very much in season, as are apples, plums, pears and blackberries (just think of the crumbles!).


Mushrooms, nettles and samphire are also set for a good year, but only harvest the ‘shrooms you know, for certain, to be edible.

This bumper crop of deliciousness is all down to the amazing summer we’ve had, the most sun since 2006 (!). For the past six years crop yields have been low but now mother nature is making up for it and there’s plenty to go round.

There are rogue fruit trees to be found in towns and countryside alike, plus forests and coasts to be explored, it’s far more fun than a trip to the supermarket and absolutely free.

With food costs rising, incomes remaining low, food banks being relied upon more and more, it makes sense to follow in old British tradition and top up on the good stuff nature puts out there. Many families used to rely on this time of year to help bulk out their diets with more nutritious ingredients.

So as the summer comes to an end and the fresh autumn air sets in with a damp chill the best comfort food can be produced for next to nothing, apple and blackberry crumble, steamed plum puddings, nettle soup and wild mushroom risottos. Just be sure to leave some for the squirrels and co.




2 thoughts on “Grubby Thoughts: Foraging.

    • That’s wonderful 🙂 I can’t think why anyone would choose not to if it’s right there waiting for them. One of my favourite memories is picking blackberries…which reminds me, I must make a crumble!!!

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