Great Horsham Grub: New House Farm, Full English Breakfast

Great Horsham Grub – No.2


The Great Grub: Full English Breakfast

The Place: New House Farm

The Reason: This is the ultimate cooked breakfast. The very best Full English. And it calls out to me every weekend. It has it all; a free range egg, excellent sausage and bacon, baked beans, a tomato, toast (white or brown) and ‘shrooms (although, I opt out of the mushrooms because I’m not a fan of having fungi on my plate). Plus, black pudding for an extra 60p if you fancy.
The bacon and sausage are particularly excellent, always full of flavour and cooked perfectly and if you happen to dislike a particular ingredient then they will substitute.
It’s a consistently great plate of fresh, quality food at a decent price, cooked well (never greasy) and served piping hot, all in a beautiful setting (the tearooms are surrounded by farmland) and the staff are very friendly too. Served until midday.

The Price: £4.95

Also Try: The locally made cakes and pastries.

Link: New House Farm

The Grubby Hen is all about ethical eating and for me this includes supporting the local, independent traders using the best ingredients to produce truly great grub.

This is a series of posts promoting what are, in my humble opinion, the gems that are to be found in my hometown of Horsham, West Sussex. These are great eats that I love and want people to know about, so step away from the sub, put down that packet pasty and sample Horsham’s very best independent eats.


5 thoughts on “Great Horsham Grub: New House Farm, Full English Breakfast

  1. I LOVE a good English Breakfast and this is definitely one!! How wonderfully fresh and delightful! There is no place around where we live that serves English food; however, during our last visit to Malta, English Breakfast was served at a local restaurant and we made the visit often. How very delightful, thank you for sharing…………..I am SOOOOOOO hungry now.

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