About The Grubby Hen

The Grubby Hen is a British food blog created and updated by Rach Smith. You’ll find foodie features, reviews and original recipes (created by Rach), all with an ethical slant (think high welfare, local and organic) and a focus on seasonal British produce.

You can go straight to the ethical features here and get a little insight into what The Grubby Hen believes in.

It’s not just food though, as The Grubby Hen also promotes real ales, with reviews of breweries, pubs, beers and beer festivals.

Also, take a look at the first ever post for a little bit more info:  ‘The Grubby Hen’.

Psst!  Know what you want? To navigate the site just follow the links from the category list on the right or use the search bar and find that perfect recipe, review or foodie feature.

All content owned by Rachael Smith. If for some reason you want to reproduce the content of The Grubby Hen blog (including use of the images), be fair and ask first – Manners don’t cost a thing. Thanking you.




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